Welcome to the CGRER Forecast Webpage for PACDEX EXPERIMENT

The PACific Dust Experiment (PACDEX) field campaign is taking place from April to May, 2007.
Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research at the Universioty of Iowa
is providing daily chemical weather forecasts in support of this experiment.

University of Iowa's STEM-2k3 regional chemical transport model are performed in 50km domain.
The Weather Research & Forecasting model (WRF) provides meteorological fields to drive these calculations.

Interactive Forecast Viewers (need enabling pop-up windows)
Trans-Pacific 50km Tracer
Pacdex Vis5D files

If you want to study current or previous scenarios instead of flight planning, previous forecasts may be more helpful.

RIAM-CFORS Forecast Products

Please contact Dr. Gregory Carmichael, Bhupesh Adhikary, or Marcelo Mena for further analyzed products.Phone number