Welcome to the CGRER Forecast Webpage for CIFEX

The Cloud Indirect effects Experiments (CIFEX) field campaign is taking place from April to May, 2004. This expriment will investigate Asian Dust and other particles transported cross the Pacific Ocean, and their impacts on on the radiative forcing of the surface. Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research at the Universioty of Iowa, is providing daily chemical weather forecasts in support of this experiment.

Three coordinated forecasts are produced daily. The tracer forecasts utilize the CFORS system, which contains a variety of air mass and emission markers calculated on-line inside the RAMS meteorological modeling system. Meteorological and tracer fields are produced with high time resolution. These tracers are not designed to produce absolute quantities but rather reflect air mass characteristics (for example, CO tracers is only primary CO, and does not include a background or contributions from hydrocarbon and methane oxidation). Photochemical forcasts are produced for the East Pacific domain using the University of Iowa's STEM-2k1 model.


                  2-D Horizontal Plots:
Trans-Pacific Tracer   East Pacific Tracer   East Pacific STEM

2-D Cross-Section Plots: Cross-Section Tracer   Cross-Section STEM

Ground Stations: tracer and chemical

If you want to study current or previous scenarios instead of flight planning, previous forecasts may be more helpful. Please contact Gregory Carmichael, Youhua Tang for further analyzed products.